Four Seasons
Trail Ride - Approx. 1 hour
Enjoyable any time of the year. This trail ride is a scenic cruise through the rolling meadows and gentle wooded hillsides. No steep drops or difficult hill climbs. Perfect for all ages and experience levels, and those looking to slow down, relax, and enjoy some horse time. Approx. 1 hour of riding time, plus the mini lesson.
Hilltops and Hollers
Trail Ride - Approx. 1.5 hours
Great first time ride. This ride is adaptable and variable, depending on your personal choice of meadows, hilltops, or wooded hillsides. We start out with a lesson of introduction with your horse and then go ride SUM HILLS and HOLLERS! This ride is suitable for beginners or the experienced and lasts about 1-1/2 hours, including the mini lesson. The pace and steepness of the hillsides is up to your preference.
Meadow Ride
Meadow Ride - Approx. 1 hour
The Meadow is a good starting point for families with small children. This ride is adaptable and safe for even the smallest child. This ride is a stroll through the rolling meadows and is ridden at a walk, with time to stop for photos and grass treats for the horses. Around 1 hour of riding with pre-ride lesson.
Pony Rides
Small Children Pony Time
Small children can have their own lesson and unique "horse time". Often children enjoy grooming the pony and learning how to lead, as well as ride.
Woods and More Woods
Trail Ride - Approx. 2 hours
This ride builds your confidence and bond with your horse as you ride. We start out in wooded hillsides, wind up and down woods of breathtaking beauty, and criss cross the high meadows to find more! We've added many new sections of woods and beautiful trails. Experience steeper hillsides and challenging trails, with less meadow time for more forest time and adventure. This ride will last a minimum 2 hrs. and will give you more time among the trees and hidden vistas. Not suitable for young children or cautious beginners, but as with all of our rides, can be adapted as we go, for your special horse time.
Caves and Hidden Places
Trail Ride - Approx. 1.5 hours
This ride goes into the wooded hillsides and searches for rocks, caves, and waterfalls. We will ride into seldom seen forests and explore nature's secret places. This is not a beginners ride due to the extreme hillsides and creek crossings, and may not be available after heavy rains. This ride lasts about 1-1/2 hours, and is a beautiful winters day outing, too.
Caves and Secret Places
Trail Ride - Approx. 2 hours
This is an alternate Caves and Secret Places Ride that goes into steeper hillsides and covers more areas. You will experience the hidden world of breathtaking ravines and seldom seen vistas. This is a longer ride, lasting a minimum of 2 hrs. This is a challenging ride and not suitable for beginners.
Horsing Around
Personalized - Approx. 1.5 hours
This is the best ride for you if you are looking for a special, unique, personalized riding experience. This is a private, just for you or your family type of experience. We can do a variety of ride types to suit your style *If you want a private tour for a special getaway.- *If you are a solo rider.- *If you are a first time rider, or are uneasy about riding for any reason - this ride is for you! We will take time to introduce you to your mount, have time to find your balance and learn about your horse prior to heading out on the trail. Any concerns will be sorted out prior to leaving on your ride, which can be a variable mixture of wooded trails or open meadows- YOU DECIDE! About 1-1-2 hours