20 Minute
Plane Ride
Climbing from Runway 27, enjoy a quick zip over the heart of Old Man's Cave and surrounding State Parks. Fascinating in any season, spotlights rock formations, waterfalls and of course, our gorgeous countryside Affordable Easy to tuck into a busy day.
30 Minute
Plane Ride
For more excitement and additional scenery our aircraft heads eagerly North from the caves to beautiful Lake Logan. We then bear gently Southeast for a look at the breathtaking expanse of National Forests and head back West to Vinton County Airport.
45 Minute
Plane Ride
*We fondly call this flight "Pilot's Choice". Our pilot follows his heart and flies you to favorite sights and vistas most special to him. Each flight is always visually pleasing, packed with fun, and creatively unique. Enjoy!
60 Minute
Plane Ride
Enjoy a leisurely cruise over rolling hills and vast forests then Southeast to view the beautiful Ohio River valley basin. Thrill to ever changing scenery and fascinating stories! Get a whole vacation in just an hour! Saddle the sky - Giddyup and FLY !